At the Go-Go! Pt2

July 18th, 2014

At first Gina thought she had been totally busted, fucking a taxi driver out in front of her work place not realising her boss had been watching the whole time! Her boss had no problems with the girls fucking customers, but it was Gina’s tranny cock that was pounding the ass of the cab guy, and her bar had no idea she was a sheamle, she was sure she would lose her job. As her female boss walked closer and closer it suddenly became clear she had no skirt or panties on! And where one would expect to see a nice juicy beaver, there swung the biggest, thickest cock you could imagine! Of course Gina was instantly relieved, not only would she now keep her job, but she had found a fellow ladyboy friend working with her. Her shemale boss wasn’t so easily won over and in order to keep Gina’s secret quiet she wanted both the young cab driver and Gina to please her! They made their way into the club, which was quiet as all the other girls and staff were still in the changing rooms getting ready. First Gina was made to continue to fuck the young stud, and as she did so her boss played with her own cock, stoking it stiff whilst she encouraged Gina to fuck the boy with all her might. Finally her boss stepped in, she made Gina withdraw her cock and said ‘let me show you how to fuck a boy real harder’. She immediately thrust her cock in the young guy’s ass and fucked away like the energizer bunny, thudding his tight back passage raw as he winced and moaned. Whilst she was fucking the cab driver she began to spread open her own butt cheeks and started yelling at Gina to fuck her in the same way. Soon enough Gina was pummelling her boss’s ass with her boner, creating a sexy 2 tranny sandwich. The horny threesome fucked and sucked all across, and Gina was rewarded with a double delicious creamy cum facial..

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Shemale Bruna punish this straight guy’s ass bareback

July 17th, 2014


We finally have Bruna Saltelly in this new episode and the hardcore is hot and raw. Watch big cock shemale babe Bruna punish this straight guy’s ass bareback. She pounds him hard over and over until they both unleash huge messy loads. This raw hardcore is intense!

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Forklifted Pt2

July 16th, 2014

I had been caught fucking the new shemale warehouse worker by the bosses daughter, and worst of all I still hadn’t unloaded all the cum and now I was being marched to the office where I’d probably get the sack. I’d always had a crush on the bosses daughter, she wore the most slutty clothes and this time was no exception, you could see her kinky stocking tops below her short skirt. As we were walking towards the office she suddenly threw me into a quiet corner and made me drop to my knees. She told me if it was tranny dick I wanted why didn’t I ever ask her! Before I could work out what was going on she had pulled out a huge erection from under her skirt and beginning prodding my mouth with her man meat. Now it all made sense, here I was blowing off the bosses ladyboy daughter and she was horny as hell. She soon had me bent over and was pounding away at my butt which was still wet from the other shemale’s spit and cum. After taking several minutes of ferocious ass fucking it was finally my turn to fuck her, and I paid her back banging her ass twice as hard! But my hole was to get no rest as the other shemale soon found us and stripped off once again, thrusting her cock in my hole to make me the filling in a super hot shemale sandwich. I didn’t care if any of my co-workers saw us as I was in heaven. I’m still against females working in the warehouse, but from now on I’ll be the biggest supporter of well hung, nymphomaniac transsexuals!

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Step Sister has a Cock and He wants to taste it

July 15th, 2014

Aubrey’s new the creepy stepbrother, Kam is constantly making passes at her. She fights off his advances pretending to be grossed out by the idea of fucking him. The tension mounts as they both get closer and closer to doing what is taboo.
Both their cocks swell and tingle as they slip closer and closer together on the couch. Kam has spied on Aubrey in the shower, he knows she has a cock and he wants to taste it. He wants to feel it grow in his mouth.
She knows that Kam is an ass virgin and he is definitely going to be in over his head when she pushes her hard cock up his ass.
The two steppies kiss their way through a night of sex with plenty of passion and the ever lingering feeling of the forbidden.

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Two sluts and their cocks

July 14th, 2014

The action got wild when we brought Renata and Adriana together for some fucking. These two big cock trannies went at each other like animals on heat and you’re going to see some wild action here. Come on in if you dare and let these two babes take your fantasies to a whole new level.

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Big Black Cock Shemale Fucking

July 13th, 2014

Hung black Brazilian shemale Isabel Sottani is in action today unleashing her big black cock on a guy. Watch as this mega cock black tranny crams her cock deep down his throat and tests the limits of his tight ass. This guy won’t be sitting down for at least a week!

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The Pool Boy

July 11th, 2014

I’ll never forget the Summer i worked as a pool boy in the Hamptons, so many sexy rich bitches wanting my cock whilst their sugar daddy husband was hard at worked, I’ve never got laid so much in all my life, but there was certainly one fuck that stood out from the rest.. I hadn’t spotted the lady at first, I’d been given the job by this old rich man who insisted I take my time and do a good job. My mind was firmly on the job as I could see there was a good tip in it, but my attention soon switched to his wife once I laid my eyes on here hot busty figure, long athletic legs and a cum-fuck-me look in her eyes. Soon enough she was out by the pool, telling me how her husband doesn’t understand her, doesn’t know how to treat here, doesn’t satisfy her etc.. I’d heard it a million times, to me they were just saying ‘I wanna get laid’, and I was not in the business of turning MILF pussy down. Next thing I knew she was in her bikini asking if I could help rub some lotion on her back and then it was on. I rubbed the lotion in, occasionally catching the side of her huge tits, teasing her and listening to her groan in frustrated pleasure, but she was a wild one and suddenly she span around and thrust her boobs in my mouth. Whilst I sucked away on her nipples she dragged my hand down to what I thought would be a wet pussy, but no, it was a rock hard tranny dick! Now, I don’t class myself as gay, but the first thing that went through my head was to just carry on and try it, if for no other reason, I was still working towards a big tip. I’d never fucked ass before and I’d always wanted to fuck some girls behind, but tranny pussy is the next best thing, and it felt so tight and amazing, just like fucking a virgin, but with a pair of massive hooters to hold on to and lots of slutty talk in the process. Finally we both came at the same time, and the sight of seeing that shemale cock exploding with warm sticky juice just left me wanting to do it all again..

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Sheylla Wandergirlt fucks good

July 10th, 2014


TS Sheylla Wandergirlt is one of our newest finds and we’re sure glad we found her! This sexy young blonde tgirl is a stunner, just wait until you see her in action. Watch as Sheyllya Wandergirlt gets buck wild in control of a straight guy in this new raw bareback sex episode.

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Connect Foreplay

July 9th, 2014

I should have known something was up when the girl at the bar agreed to play me at connect 4, it’s sad enough that I had the travel game on me, but even sadder that I tried to use it as a way to pick up this hot chick I’d just met. I’m not the kind of guy who hits on girls in bars, basically because after years of rejection I’d learned not to waste my time, but this girl was so smoking hot I had to give it a shot, and moments later there we were playing connect 4 on the promise that if I won she would fuck me! I’ve never played with so much concentration, it was as if my life depended on it, and when I finally let go of that last piece to win the game it was barely seconds later and I was whisking her out of the bar back to my apartment.. I should have known again that something wasn’t right when she stopped me from groping her in the bar, despite talking with such a slutty mouth, but she was still good to her word and was all over my dick the minute we were back at my place. I was soon seeing the full picture as she slipped out of her panties and nearly took my eye out with her huge erect cock! ‘Oh, well’ I thought, ‘every hole is a goal’ was the saying we always had in college, and as long as it wasn’t my hole getting pounded I was more than happy to work my large cock into her tranny pussy. In fact I was soon addicted, I’d never fucked ass before and hearing her girly groans as I slid deeper and deeper into her tight tight ass, with her cock slapping against her stomach, I was finding it so hard not to shoot my load. And it wasn’t long before I finally did explode all over her perfectly smooth and round bubble butt!

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Adryella Vendraminy fucking tight ass

July 8th, 2014


Big cock tranny hottie Adryella Vendraminy is in bareback action today. This is her first time with us but it will definitely not be her last. Watch as this hung tranny slams this straight guy deep and hard, all with no condom. When she is done with his ass, she leaves him drenched in cum!

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