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September 20th, 2014

Bruna Butterfly is young, petite and one smoking hot lay for any guy lucky enough to get the chance. Watch her in this scene get buck wild with this stud. She sucks his cock and takes it deep in her ass bareback before he pulls out and delivers a huge load for her swallow down.

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September 19th, 2014

shemaletugjobs8When it comes to exotic shemales, Erika Backster is one of most exotic online. Her long blonde hair and inviting brown eyes are wicked hot and when you combine it with her shapely body and juicy shecock, you got a wet dream come to life. Erika lies back on the bed posing in her slinky dress before slipping it off to reveal her dark tipped tits. When she spreads those dark ass cheeks and starts stroking that mouth watering girl pole, you will be ready to pump your own shaft until you blow your load right along with her.

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Nurse Natyelle Ninfeta barebacking

September 18th, 2014


This hot new update features newcomer to our network tgirl Natyelle Ninfeta as a naughty nurse. Watch as she pays a house call to a guy who is feeling under the weather. She starts out by taking his temperature with her cock and then gives him a deep anal probing.

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August 17th, 2014

In this tribute to Science Fiction, Jessica Host traps a cop in her laboratory and channels the strength of 5 of her clones to ruthlessly fuck him.
She takes her time fucking his face and ass, working his hole until he can no longer take her huge cock. His wet mouth milks her cock and she makes him suck her off until she cums all over him.

Tranny Retreat Pt 1

August 16th, 2014

On a quiet island off the coast of Brazil is a secret and exclusive resort, called the Tranny Retreat. It’s a place where the most buxom, hung and horny shemales can take break from their fucking and sucking hobbies and relax in the company of like minded transsexuals, without the pressure of being ogled, hit on and tempted into steamy fuck sessions.. This was my first time at the retreat and I was surprised out how relaxed and quiet it was. Back home I’m a real freak and first class nympho, this was my chance to finally get some ‘me’ time and have a break from banging ass!.. That was until I met Jean, a tall dark Amazonian tranny who introduced herself as I sun bathed poolside. I couldn’t keep my eyes off that bubbly butt of hers. As she dived into the pool my cock was already poking its head out of the top of my bikini bottoms, and I couldn’t stop myself from stroking the long shaft.. Jean turned to see but just smiled and continued with her swim. I couldn’t hold myself back, watching her fit, firm body floating across the pool. With my cock still hard and out my panties, I moved poolside and beckoned Jean to eat my dick. Which she did! Jean was obviously enjoying herself, slurping on my man meat, and as soon as she was out of the water I bent her over the nearest table and went onto my knees and fingered and ate out her horny hole. Jean screamed with joy as I began parting her ass lips with my cock head, before fucking her with all my might! Jean soon requested returning the favour, and I rolled onto my front, held my ass cheeks wide open and let that horny hung shemale slut pound my back pussy like a randy beach dog. I never thought this kind of stuff would happen at the famous Tranny Retreat, but I’m glad it did, and it felt so right swapping creamy loads and collapsing back in our pool chairs.. I’m just glad no one saw us!.. but I had this feeling we weren’t quite alone!..

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August 12th, 2014

Charity is waiting for her on line date in a bar on the edge of the “bad part of town”. The bartender seems to take her under her wing – buying Charity a drink, chatting her up when ever she can. Charity is starting to wonder what it would be like to kiss a girl. She finds herself effortlessly flirting with her. It’s easier than flirting with men. It’s as though the bartender is so non-threatening, that Chasity cute girl routine, complete with the giggles, just flows right out her mouth.
Charity is getting a little wet at the idea of leaning over and kissing a girl for the first time. She’s starting to fidget….
When she goes to the bathroom and a cock comes through the glory hole, her damp, throbbing pussy gives her the courage to just let go and sucking it off. Soon she is shackled through the glory holes and so wet she doesn’t care that she can’t get away.

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Sex Club Confidential

August 10th, 2014

Online dating can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand you can weed out the duds before wasting a night in a bar but on the other hand your expectations can be so high that anything less than perfect can be a confusing disappointment.
Dutch and Teighjiana had high hopes for each – their sexy exchange leading up to this date had both of them convinced this was going to be a great night so when they both run out of things to talk about before their first cocktail is drained, the let down is almost painful. How could someone so hot and seemingly fun, be well, boring as shit?
The real problem isn’t that Teighjiana and Dutch are boring, it’s that each one was pretending to be something they are not. And just like every other movie plot in the world, the truth always wins.
The true sides of Teighjiana and Dutch are revealed in the groping darkness of a sex club where they discover they have a lot in common after all like blow jobs and ass fucking and dirty, rough sex…

Karen Popozaohas lovely curves

August 9th, 2014

Karen Popozao is a stunning and sassy transsexual from Brazil that you’ll fall in love with. She has great feminine curves, big breasts, amazing cock and she overflows with sex appeal. Watch as she strips for the camera and then whips out her cock and jerks off until she explodes.


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The Ancient Monastery

August 8th, 2014

In deepest darkest Eastern Europe, high up in the mountains where the sky meets the land, the girls had finally found the Ancient Monastery. But no sooner had their plan been put into place and they were finding problems, mainly with their nun costumes which were not as described! Fully dressed, the girls disguises were was to skimpy and revealing, they would have blended in better in a Bangkok brothel than the holy monastery; their skirts were raised above their butt checks, their breasts were squashed on show, and the fishnet stockings and high hooker heels were just too much! But it was all they had to work with and so they took the gamble and made their way to the entrance. They were surprised to be let in without questions, passing as visiting nuns from a sisterhood in Albania, and they were shown to the highest room in the castle where they were introduced to Mother Mandy who wanted to welcome them personally. Once they laid eyes on Mother Mandy it was clear why they had pulled off their slutty disguises as she too was dressed like a cheap hooker at a fetish club, in her PVC nun outfit and a filthy pair of red fishnets and hold ups. As soon as they were alone Mother Mandy began her secret nun welcome, parting her legs and at the same time raising her skirt to reveal a long ladyboy log swinging low between her thighs. She demanded the girls do the same, fortunate for our young heroines they both had a secret tranny trunk of their own and the three saucy shemales were finally unsheathed and on full display. The girls were told it was tradition that all visitors must empty Mother Mandy’s balls and they both dropped to their knees to work on her gigantic cock. They were soon questioning the importance of the mission as Mother Mandy fucked them for hours on end, never seeming to lose power or horniness, ploughing their soar tgirl ass incessantly, until she finally withdrew her long salami dick and let out an ungodly amount of warm tranny spunk with an almighty cry of pleasure..

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Shemale Melainny Vilhena stretches guys ass

August 7th, 2014


Big dick tranny cutie Melainny Vilhena is in raw bareback action today and she is on top. Watch as this hung shemale slams her straight boytoy rough and deep in the ass bareback. She makes him deep throat her cock over and over before she bends him over for a big treat.

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