Hot and Hung Tgirl Jessica Ninfeta

April 24th, 2014

This hung brunette tgirl has that unforgettable charm and curves that will make your jaw drop, it’s the perfect combination! Jessica is a stunning shemale and she is packing an amazing cock. Watch as she teases and strokes until she shoots a load for the camera.

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Femme Fatale

April 23rd, 2014

I had been tailing this broad all across the avenue, waiting to see where would be her next port of call. Her looks were as dark as the ace of spades, she could easily disappear in the shadows of the wrong side of town, but with a sweet round behind I couldn’t take my eyes off and fiery red hair, my driver and I stuck to her like spunk on a tissue.. She led us to this seedy nightclub on the other side of the tracks. It had a reputation for the weird and wonderful, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when the red head took to the stage in nothing but some sheer hold up stockings and a pink feather boa.. With the feather boa brushed to one side, her own Boa Constricter hung between her thighs. In fact, it was more like an Anoconda, this mysterious babe had a bigger cock than mine, I was starting to rethink everything I ever thought were true.. Before you could say ‘lady of the night’ two shady looking guys joined her on the stage, and they were soon naked, feeding the greedy whore their cocks. I’ve seen some shows in my life, but I’ve never seen anything as freaky as this. It’s one thing finding out the gal you’ve been following and getting a crush on turns out to be a shemale, but another to see her take a rough spit roasting and double penetration. I was no longer on the job, playing private dic, I was falling in love playing with my own dick at the back of the smokey seedy night club..

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Curvy American tranny Alison Dale

April 22nd, 2014

Alison Dale is a beautiful American tranny with flowing blonde hair and amazing curves. Check her out in this update showing off in sexy high heels and fishnet stockings. Don’t let her sophisticated looks full you, when she whips out her cock she turns into a real freak.

Shemale Strippers

April 21st, 2014

sheanimale14The young man in the strip club had no idea what he was getting into when he got a little too touchy with the sexy girls on stage. He just thought they were beautiful women with tight bodies and great tits. He thought they wouldn’t mind if he tugged on their clothes a little trying to get them off. He thought wrong though. They were beautiful shemales and they did not take kindly to his rude behavior. Even though he was waving money at them the ladies decided to teach him a lesson. In front of a large audience they fucked his virgin ass. They were much stronger than they looked at first glance and before he could do anything he was bent over the stage getting hammered up the ass big a surprisingly large shemale cock. The audience was watching and laughing and pointing and he was getting fucked so hard it was stirring up his innards. The other shemale stripper then whipped out her dick and stuffed it in his mouth so he was getting fucked on both ends. The night ended with him covered in cum and the ladies taking his money.

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Nyobi Khan – cock worship

April 20th, 2014

Nyobi’s last shoot ever seen here on Today the sweet and sexy Nyobi punishes her submissive male cock slave, Dean. She has Dean on his knees for most of the shoot as he sucks her huge cock. Nyobi is so dominant and unbelievably hot as she rams his ass. Her curvy ass and hips pounding deep into Dean’s tight cheeks. When she is satisfied and ready to pop, Nyobi cums on Dean’s face. Thank you Nyobi Khan for an amazing show and for all the great ass fucking you have provided.

Venus Lux

April 19th, 2014


Here is a solo set of Venus Lux, I have been lucky enough to have her on my website, so thought I would share with you her getting turned on in front of the camera and doing what she does best. Beautiful and naughty what a great combination! Enjoy the pics!

Duke Nukem Assfucked

April 18th, 2014

Even Duke Nukem needs to empty a full round from his balls now and then, so when the loud mouthed ass kicking hero was shooting up some bad guys and noticed one of the sexiest dames he’d ever seen passing by, he had no hesitation to put his glock on safety and switch his pants weapon into pussy fucking mode. As the tall busty scantily clad blonde walked his way Duke decided to keep the talk to a minimum and unzipped his fly releasing his huge fleshy shot gun from between his legs, stroking it until it was hard and fully upright, inviting her to munch down on it. The mystery blonde babe sucked his full shaft, gulping on his fat head and gagging on the long meaty shaft. The blonde looked kind of mad when Duke finally stopped forcing her head on his cock and throat fucking her hard, but as soon as he released her she began stripping, finally standing naked with an even bigger cock hanging low between her own thighs.. With his gun now out of reach and his pants around his ankles Duke was unable to fight off the hung Amazonian tranny as she forced her deadly dick into his mouth and then wrestled him into the doggy position and then mounted the gung-ho hero, sliding her huge thick cock deep into his ass as Duke cried out in shock and pleasure as she finally emptied her balls, spunking all over Duke’s bare ass.

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Rafaelly Diniz is topping in bareback

April 17th, 2014


Big cock shemale babe Rafaelly Diniz is topping in bareback action in this hot new update. Watch as she puts this guy on his knees and fucks his mouth hard. Then she flips him over and the real action begins, she fucks him hard and deep until he is begging for her cum.

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New Lingerie

April 14th, 2014


Every girl loves getting new lingerie and shoes, which got me really excited when the package turned up and I was able to undress out my clothes and try on my new lingerie. Of course stripping meant I got VERY hard and playful (enough time to fit in a quick stroke) hope you enjoy!

Nothing But a Hole to Me : Yasmin Lee Domination

April 13th, 2014

Yasmin Lee is not for the light-hearted. Whether you can take her cock doesn’t matter – if she likes you and wants you, you WILL take all 8 inches of her thick, beautiful shaft in your holes. All of it. She doesn’t speak, she doesn’t have to, she just fucks and fucks and fucks.
Tonight, her man, surrenders completely and just tries to keep up with her pounding. When he cums, she rubs it into his mouth with her stocking feet. And her own pop shot is as epic and plentiful as ever.