Reamed by her big cock

January 28th, 2015

When you really want to push the limits of how much hard and dirty sex you can handle then all you have to do is look for some action with a big-cock tranny. It takes hardcore to the extreme when she buries that big cock deep inside some guy’s tight ass. That’s what you’re gonna see here as Adriana Rodrigues plunders one guy’s ass with her monster schlong.

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The Rock Climber

January 27th, 2015

Being a climbing instructor does have its perks, especially when most of your clientele are young fit girls in tight hugging shorts.. Jenny was one such girl I took great pleasure in tutoring. It was her first lesson and she turned up in skimpy red shorts and a tight top which well displayed her stunning rack. When I first climbed the wall to give her a quick demonstration I almost slipped, dreaming of getting my hands in those tight panties and massaging her lovely pert breasts. When it was her time to climb the wall I couldn’t stop starring at her ass, but moreover the strange sausage like bulge in her undies. Rather than freak out I was totally turned on by the delicious looking panty bulge and I made sure she climbed that wall nice and slow so I could get a long hard look at her anatomy. As she gently lowered herself back down I held my hands out not sure whether to cup her buttocks or boobs as I helped her down, but I guess it was my huge erection which lowered her best, I didn’t even realise how far and obvious it was sticking out. Seeing as she’d felt my huge boner and seemed to be flirting I suggested we move the next stage of the lesson to the privacy of the changing rooms, where I was going to climb her Mount Everest titties and plant my flag pole in her narrow tranny canyon. The door hadn’t even swung shut and I already had my hand in her little shorts, tugging on her long cock, I fumbled to get it out barely able to contain myself so desperate to taste that shemale dick and gagging on the meaty shaft. I fucked her so hard her screams echoed down the corridors and into the sports hall, but we didn’t care who could hear or who would see as we fucked like wild animals for several sweaty hours..

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Big Cock Blonde Shemale Sex

January 26th, 2015

Hot big dick blonde tranny Mylena Bysmark is in hot sex action today. Watch this shemale babe let her cock loose on this straight guy’s mouth and ass. There’s still nothing in my opinion that compares to a sexy well hung tranny giving it to a straight guy hard and deep.

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Party T-Girls

January 25th, 2015


Every Friday night, me and the girls go out for a night of fun, to unwind after a hard week’s work, and just relax with a few drinks and some dancing. For some reason, we all had really good weeks, and so we were partying extra hard before we all made it back to my place. But the party didn’t stop once we got there though, because soon enough, we were grabbing all over each other, feeling up our tits, our asses, and of course our swollen dicks. How else would you like us trannies to party? Pretty soon, our mouths were occupied with the combination of lips, nipples and cocks, and then once we were all stiff, we were stuffing each other’s tight assholes with our rigid peckers. The couch was doing a great job of holding up under us, because we were really giving it to each other! Boobs were bouncing everywhere, cocks were getting milked inside butts, and we were screaming our heads off! After all three of us shot our loads, we were exhausted. But we did it all again the next morning!

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The Study Date

January 24th, 2015

Features: Christine

Christine and her classmate have to study for a midterm. Becky does not live too far from campus so they decide go to Becky’s house. What could happen? Becky’s parents and little brother are home. Surely, even if Christine got horny, nothing could happen. Right?

Nicolly Nogueira goes very deep

January 24th, 2015


Big cock tranny Nicolly Nogueira is back and better than ever in bareback action. Watch as she slowly strips out of her skimpy purple panties and bra to get ready for action. This shemale hottie is a nympho in bed, just check out how she pounds this straight guy’s ass raw!

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Police Perks

January 23rd, 2015

One of the perks of being the station photographer is being left alone late at night to photograph some of the local street hookers. After 18 months in this job I knew just about every one by name, but I’d never seen Janie before.. Janie had been picked up on a notorious street corner, she was young, new, and had little clue what to do. Despite it being her first warning, and the fact they were about to release her with a caution, she seemed keen to flirt with me, as if hoping for a favour. I just played along, there was no way I could resist such a young pretty thing in such a tiny skirt, with stockings and heels to boot! She may have been new, but she certainly wasn’t nervous, she was straight down on her knee, unzipping my pants, and working my cock down the back of her throat. I’d had a lot of blow jobs from a lot of hookers, but hand on my heart, this was the finest blowie I’d ever received, it was if she just knew her way around a dick.. It didn’t take long for me to work out why. I threw her over the desk, desperate to fuck the shit out of her, and as soon as I ripped her panties off I found a stiff cock waiting there for me, ‘damn!’ There was no time to waste, the station guard would be back soon, so I just rubbed my dick down with spit and plumped it straight deep into her ass hole. It was sweet, the sweetest hole I’d ever fucked, and I just couldn’t get enough! I was really pushing it, fucking her all around the station, knowing any minute an Officer could walk in, and then I would be screwed! As soon as I heard someone walking down the corridor I pulled my cock out and spunked all over her back, quickly pulling my pants back up. I then looked over to see Janie unloading her balls too, all over her paper work, leaving it drenched in sticky cum! She was one clever shemale whore, I was now going to have to set her free without a warning, but I was pretty sure I’d be seeing her again soon!

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Kitchen wank

January 21st, 2015


Who would of thought washing the dishes was so fun, well with a dick that needs wanking, and a ass gagging to be fucked, theres only one thing to do… fuck the dishes, get wet and soapy and shoot my much needed load all over the washboard.

Vaniity Returns: Intense Pussy Fucking that ends in Squirting

January 20th, 2015

They may very well be married by now – Vaniity and Lia Lor. Their steamy foreplay leads to all out carnal sex with Lia squirting all over Vaniity’s throbbing cock.
Vaniity is know for her beauty and her trademark sensational fucking style that leaves no orgasm behind – especially her own. She fucks like a gold star stallion in this electric update with Lia Lor who clearly has a real live crush on Vaniity. The two nearly ask each other in the end interview!


Snowed in

January 19th, 2015

For those who fly, delays are just part of traveling. Being a flight attendant, Lissa is used to long delays and sudden layovers. The airport has been shut down for the night so Lissa snuggles into the hotel for a quiet night. With no more room, Lissa is asked to have two Russian flight attendants stay with her. Let the fun begin!