New Lingerie

April 14th, 2014


Every girl loves getting new lingerie and shoes, which got me really excited when the package turned up and I was able to undress out my clothes and try on my new lingerie. Of course stripping meant I got VERY hard and playful (enough time to fit in a quick stroke) hope you enjoy!

Nothing But a Hole to Me : Yasmin Lee Domination

April 13th, 2014

Yasmin Lee is not for the light-hearted. Whether you can take her cock doesn’t matter – if she likes you and wants you, you WILL take all 8 inches of her thick, beautiful shaft in your holes. All of it. She doesn’t speak, she doesn’t have to, she just fucks and fucks and fucks.
Tonight, her man, surrenders completely and just tries to keep up with her pounding. When he cums, she rubs it into his mouth with her stocking feet. And her own pop shot is as epic and plentiful as ever.

Full Service Pt 2

April 12th, 2014

Becky had been taking a hard fucking from the shemale trucker, who’d pulled in wanting a panel blown but instead had Becky blow her nuts and take a creamy cum facial. Two horny trannys fucking naked in the middle of the garage forecourt had obviously not gone unnoticed and drawn some attention. Mike had immediately pulled up in his supped up car, hoping to join in on the action, but Becky was acting as if nothing had happened. Mike didn’t need his oil changing but he did need to dip his stick in some hot tight ass. Mike playfully flirted with the ladyboy couple but he hadn’t realized that these too super hot chicks had massive dicks, from across the street he thought he’d seen a mini lesbian orgy, now he was having to fend off two overly freaky trannies who soon had him over-powered. Mike was pinned over his car forced to suck one huge shemale cock whilst the other was prodding around his tight virgin behind, trying to break in. It wasn’t long before Mike was getting ass fucked senseless and loving every minute off it! Again, a full on cock orgy had broken out in the middle of the garage for all too see as the erotic threesome fucked, sucked and spunked in every hardcore position you could think off..

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Not for the Anally Faint

April 11th, 2014

Caution – if you do not like fisting, rosebudding or seeing a cock and hand inside a guys ass while she fucks him, then skip the last scene of this update. The hardcore anal fucking is intense and complete with gaping and orgasms that are explosive. Let’s just fast forward to the end of the date after Jessica Fox seduces Jesse and leaves him over night cuffed to her bed with a pee bucket between his legs. She fucks him ruthlessly with passion and the trusting intensity of two people who have seemed to have fucked many times before. He cums twice – once from her pounding his ass in pile driver and once from an intense milking by her hot hands and mouth. When she squirts her thick cum over his asshole, it’s a perfect end to one of the hottest scenes on the site to date.

Lick You Like a Lolipop!

April 10th, 2014

It was a blood bath! The zombies had taken over the high school, in fact they were savaging the whole neighborhood, eating anything with a pulse, ripping off limbs and chowing down on any piece of live flesh they could get their zombie hands on, and I was trapped in school, fearing the absolute worst! I thought I was dead and it was going to be a grim ending, but suddenly I heard the raw revving of a chainsaw, and I began to make out an image of someone sawing the zombies apart, coming to my rescue. I would never have guessed it was my hot classmate, Juliet Starling saving the day, bouncing around in her cheerleader outfit as she killed zombies left and right. As she beheaded the last zombie and cleared our path to escape she asked me if I was alright. I was still pretty scared but I nodded and I asked her if there was anything I could do to repay her for saving me. Juliet gave me the cutest wry smile and pointed towards her skirt. As she raised that pleated cheerleader skirt up I suddenly saw a large ladyboy cock! I’d never sucked cock before but I was so keen to thank her and she was kind and slow as she guided me on to my knees and slid her sooth ladylike cock deep into my mouth. It tasted amazing and it didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it, bobbing up and down on her dick, slurping and moaning as I did so. Juliet shot me another one of her adorable smiles and I knew she wanted to fuck my ass, and who was I to say no? She entered my tight ass with equal care, slowly sliding into my hole, working her meaty cock deeper and deeper until her ball were slapping against mine and I was begging her to ram me harder! I was cumming as she continued to fuck me. But I wasn’t done yet, and before Juliet could say anything I was back down on my knees working her cock with my mouth, slurping down her cum with a smile on my face, just in time for us to start kicking some more zombie ass.

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Red hot duo

April 9th, 2014


Here is a bit or should I say a lot of fun for you. Me and the gorgeous Kinky Georgie thought we would try a shoot together, and what a chemistry filled shoot it was. The scenes got hotter as the day went on (so keep an eye out for the next ones!). Enjoy the start to me getting naughty with genetic females… Red Hot!!!

Ultimate Couples Therapy

April 8th, 2014

When Megan brought her husband George to the hospital to see a famous sex therapist she was asked to wait outside by a slutty nurse Mia. Having spent some 20 minutes waiting for George to come out, Megan opened the door slightly to see… George being serviced by both the doctor and the nurse – two hot shemales with huge cocks! Megan got so excited while masturbating to the hot scene, she was noticed and invited to join. As the doctor explained, couples therapy proved very efficient in cases of male impotence – so Megan had no other choice but to join… It’s not that she was too much against it anyway. The therapy went very well, although it took a lot of effort and passion…

The Librarian

April 7th, 2014

Tom had never been a big fan of libraries, in fact up until recently he had never even been in one, but after flunking his history class it was do or die and he forced himself to the local library to finally study. He really didn’t know his way around, he couldn’t find any of the books he needed, nor anyone to help him. He finally found the librarian and she was a total babe. She was a very cute blonde with so much potential, wrapped up in her preppy clothes and her bobbed hair, he knew there was a cum hungry nympho in there waiting to be set free. As he watched her ass wiggle in her tight skirt he couldn’t help but noticed a bulge forming in front, and low and behold seconds later it had grown into a very cock shaped lump. When he looked up he found that she was locked into an open book on the top shelf, and when he coughed to get her attention the ‘karma sutra’ book dropped down and almost hit him. It was clear that this book had fascinated the tranny librarian and stirred her horny juices. Tom was soon flirting with her and slowing peeling off her clothes as they both looked through the many passionate sexual positions. Moments later they were naked, slowly working through the positions in the book, taking it in turns to be the top as they fucked each other hard in the ass, prolonging their cum until they had worked their way through the entire 200 pages..

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Turning out a Pig: TS Bambi Seduces the Creepy Coach at the Reunion

April 6th, 2014

The Class of 2008 Reunion is full of graduates, most looking the same but some looking totally different… Coach Red looks as he always did with his thick biceps and wrinkle-free dress khakis. He’s also doing what he has always done – yelling football stories and not so subtly eying the ass of every girl who walks by him to get to the punch. It’s a party like all others in the gym except this graduation class has one woman with a revenge plan waiting in the dark wings for the right to time to pounce. Finally, Bambi crosses the room in her jaw-dropping red dress and within two minutes Coach Red has fallen for her seduction. Upstairs, with his cock out and his neck and arms tied up in inescapable bondage, Bambi reveals who she really is and makes the coach suck her cock or she will call up the entire graduating class to see him exposed in his office, tied up and horny. She doesn’t stop with just a simple blowjob – Bambi has waited years to get back at the creepy coach and she plans to take her time fucking him and using his very own masturbation toy.

Hungry for his big cock

April 5th, 2014

Kelly is one horny brunette slut who loves to get fucked by guys with big cocks. Just watch and listen as she gets her ass ripped by a big one and of course one good as fucking deserves another. If our guy gets to bone her ass then she’s gonna fuck his ass too.

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